Where Breakfast Happens in Poncey-Highland

Sep 21, 2020

It’s a big deal, breakfast. Many of us just don’t have it, and most of us skip it from time to time. Surely, there are chapters of life that seem to demand going from zero to 60 as soon as our feet hit the floor, particularly here in Atlanta. Yet, whether you join in the belief that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day,” or just that it’s good to have something in the furnace before you set out for conquest, there is one agreement that wisdom traditions of all kinds seem to reach – how you begin is a powerful influence on your day. 

Whether you start with a moment or a meal, success and satisfaction are built on acting rather than reacting. Breakfast can be that stake in the ground, that line in the sand that says, “this is where I take the wheel.” As we find so often with food, nutrition is only one of the things going on here. In the aware, contemporary, connected world of Virginia Highland and Poncey-Highland, your options for beginning well are rich.

Beginning in the Middle

To the extent that the Ponce City Market might be considered the center of the neighborhood – energetically if not geographically – an excellent choice for breakfast would be Pancake Social, where they treat breakfast as so important that they serve it until the middle of the afternoon. If bakery delights are your idea for breakfast today, then Saint Germain, or Five Daughters Bakery, or later in the morning the Root Baking Co., are delicious resources for you.

Browsing at the Market is a good idea even at breakfast time, where the food hall presents stroll-by temptations such as the Dancing Goats Coffee Bar or the kiosk of Spiller Park Coffee, for those looking to raise their octane rating for the day. For the especially health-conscious – or the folks just exiting SoulCycle or the Forum Athletic Club, there’s Lucky Lotus for juices, smoothies, and anti-oxidant acai bowls.

A Little Farther Afield

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, on Virginia Avenue NE, is a counter where you can enjoy what many call the best biscuits in Atlanta, wrapped around or covered by delectable options that make it the favorite breakfast of many who are fortunate enough to try it.

Sun In My Belly is just 10 minutes away, and they offer delivery, so having a look at their menu, too, is a good idea. It included their own version of eggs benedicts and a French toast made with hearty challah bread, for example.

Beginning the day with breakfast on your side is one of the pleasures of this sought-after neighborhood, and there are many more we could share. Engel & Völkers is the Atlanta leader in the sale of townhomes, residential real estate, and new developments. Advising you is our professional field, whether for living or investment, or both. Just call us at 770-282-3824 or find out more at 550nhighland.com.