The Story of Poncey-Highland

Sep 21, 2020

If the story of Atlanta begins with a crossroads, then the story of Poncey-Highland might be the very heart of it. Once the area where railroad tracks connected Atlanta industries to the world, Poncey-Highland was reborn gradually, and together with the neighboring Virginia Highland neighborhood, this became one of the most stylish, most sought-after locales in all Atlanta.

Ponce City Market might be seen as the centerpiece in many ways. It is not only a vast example of industrial spaces adapted to gracious living, but it also sits alongside the former railroad tracks that now are pathways in the Atlanta Beltline. Here, Poncey-Highland is connected to Piedmont Park, Freedom Park, Candler Park, and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, via the Eastside Trail. Thus, the townhomes here have easy access to the walking, jogging, biking, and strolling path system that extends recreation and green development through a 22-mile loop, connecting no fewer than 45 Atlanta neighborhoods in a trail of enjoyment.

History’s Gifts

A wealth of options for styles of living flourish here in Poncey-Highland, because the story of blossoming up from the tracks of industry brought with it the best of architectural influences over time.

There’s a loft-like feel to the contemporary townhomes here. And yet their balconies and verandas gaze out on Victorian, craftsman, and even mid-century modern homes that testify to each generation’s best ideas for living well. New construction prospers, too.

To ensure that the value of this variety remains – and grows – the whole neighborhood is the subject of a unique historic district proposal. It’s been described as a process for continuing to build value here, rather than a stack of restrictions, an unusual blueprint that fosters a balance of historic and modern structures. Making its way forward through community dialogue and public-private cooperation, the proposal gives latitude to projects and improvements that might be prohibited in ordinary historic designations.

That’s Entertainment

The most informed and current versions of shopping and dining are here in Virginia Highland and Poncey-Highland, adding up to the best of amenities, and a vibe that attracts a “meta” take on entertainment and attraction – the very makers of today’s entertainment are attracted to the lifestyle here.

Even before the TV and film industry of Atlanta surpassed Los Angeles years ago, this became a favorite home-base for them, and they say it’s the vibe that attracts them. Everything around feels alive and up-to-the-minute. So when Hollywood comes to Atlanta for a couple of months to make a movie – with our skilled Atlanta crews at our state-of-the-art Atlanta studios – visiting stars typically rent a home or an apartment. More and more, we notice, they choose Poncey-Highland or Virginia Highland And now and then a star decides to stay.

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