The Best of Poncey-Highland

Sep 21, 2020

It seems the more people learn about Atlanta, the more likely the place we call Virginia Highland – or Poncey-Highland – becomes their favorite. There are a lot of reasons. And they’re the kind of reasons that fit together to become bigger as a whole. It’s within sight of the Atlanta skyline, and yet historic homes are part of the mix. There’s an artsy vibe in places, and the hippest merchandise and dining in others. There are modern structures and conveniences all around, blended congenially with authentic architecture with Victorian, Craftsman, and Mid-Century roots.

All in all, it’s quite a feeling to stroll these neighborhoods. People who decide to settle in the townhomes here tell us it’s even better when you stay.

The Vibe that Captures Stars

The booming TV and film production industry of Atlanta – where we surpassed L.A. in the number of productions years ago – brings with it a noticeable influx of movie stars. When their “call sheet” schedules them for a couple of months here, they typically rent a home or an apartment. More and more, we notice, Poncey-Highland has become a favorite home-base for them, and they say it’s the vibe that attracts them. Everything around feels alive and vibrant and up-to-the-minute. Now and then a star decides to stay.

The Style that Marries Old and New

We mentioned the blend of authentic and modern here. There’s an initiative under way to make sure we keep going in that direction. The whole Poncey-Highland neighborhood is the subject of an historic district proposal that is making its way forward through community dialogue and public-private cooperation. Supporters see the proposal for historic preservation in this case as an unusual blueprint that fosters a balance of historic and modern structures. It’s been described as a process for continuing to build value here, rather than a stack of restrictions, because it gives latitude to projects and improvements that might be prohibited in ordinary historic designations.

City Grit and Country Green

There’s a loft-like feel to many of the townhomes here, especially around Ponce City Market, where the vast mid-century Sears warehouse and shipping depot was expertly converted to form the centerpiece.

And Atlanta’s unique version of long, green park land, the Atlanta Beltline, connects right here to Piedmont Park, Freedom Park, Candler Park, and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, with the Eastside Trail. The Sears loading dock is now a pedestrian launch-pad for the walking, jogging, biking, and strolling path that extends recreation and green development through a 22-mile loop that connects no fewer than 45 Atlanta neighborhoods.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Plenty of pubs populate Virginia Highland and Poncey-Highland. The view from a balcony or rooftop terrace might take in a handful or half a dozen. Doubtless the classic is just a block away from the luxury townhomes of 550 North Highland, where Manuel’s Tavern was named recently to the National Register of Historic Places. A long-deserved tribute to Manuel’s, certainly, yet also another signal that the atmosphere here in Poncey-Highland and Virginia Highland is something to treasure.

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