The Dog Park in Piedmont Park

Jul 20, 2020

Could a townhome really be luxurious if it wasn’t also an interesting and engaging home for your beloved pet? Atlanta dog lovers don’t think so. We put our human capacity to plan at the service of our dogs – who, in contrast, are known for their ability to live in the present moment, a lesson for all of us.

The fortunate people who choose to make their homes near Ponce City Market have given themselves and their dogs some extraordinary advantages, enjoying a place where historic and modern homes harmonize by design. Here, also, our access to the Atlanta Beltline and the Piedmont Park Dog Park make this a haven for dog lovers.

Friendliest Place in Town

Atlanta has a leash law. It’s thought best that dogs be on-leash when they’re in public places, just a constructive part of getting along when we’re out and about. Yet the fortunate people who live in the Virginia HighlandPoncey-Highland neighborhood are among the many who take their pet to one of the spots where dogs run free, off leash – three acres in total –  thanks to the dog-loving accommodations made more than 15 years ago when the Piedmont Park Dog Park became one of Atlanta’s favorite parks.

The whole of Piedmont Park is dog-friendly in fact. Dogs are welcome on-leash throughout the Park, except on certain festival weekends and at special events. Some of the water fountains in Piedmont Park even have a basin at ground level so canine visitors can have a refreshing drink. The two fence-bounded dog parks just above Park Road, though, offer an even more dog-loving experience.

One of the many thoughtful touches, and the reason there are two dog parks there, is that large dogs and smaller dogs get separate parks – just another thoughtful idea for getting along. Trails and landscaping, doggy water fountains, and restrooms and benches for owners are still more of what makes these dog parks special. A fine standard of maintenance is found there, thanks to the Leash-Free Alliance of Piedmont Park, working closely with the Piedmont Park Conservancy. Their clean-up days and fundraising events are consistently well-supported.

Lessons from Dog to Owner

Loyalty is one of the lessons we take when we look at the span of a relationship between dog and owner. And “owner” is often not the word a dog lover would choose for the role they were given when they brought a dog into their life. In the noticeably enterprising, some might say brash and broad-shouldered world of Atlanta’s progress, one of the finer things in life that was not left behind is the ability to care well for a dog, and to offer him or her a life that’s worthy of that loyalty.

The opportunities that a neighborhood that understands lessons like these might present to you, whether for living or investment, or both, is our professional field. For more information on how to own at 550 North Highland, visit or contact us at 770.282.3824.