Your First Summer in a New Home

May 13, 2020

With the observation that the first townhomes of 550 North Highland are still on-track to deliver this summer, we are reminded that Atlanta is a world where possibilities are not only vast, but also persistent. Constructive optimism is a key ingredient in the Atlanta way. It has proven to be a good bet for more than a century and a half. And with excellent reason.

The vitality of this particular neighborhood is extraordinary. One of the chosen locales for movie stars to make their homes while filming in Atlanta, Poncey-Highland has that rare quality of being prestigious without being complacent. Linked closely to the emerald necklace that is our Atlanta Beltline system of connected parks and outdoor enjoyment, Poncey Highland vibrates too with urban energy, the availability of world-class services and cuisine, and a calendar that is rarely vacant of interesting and engaging ways to observe, celebrate, grow, contribute, and just enjoy.

Memories to be Made

Just as we remember events from our own childhood more clearly than what we did last Thursday, the first summer in a new home, such as the townhomes being born now at 550 North Highland, creates a sparkling pattern of memories that endure. They set the mark for enjoyment because of the thrill that comes when we embrace the new.

Three- and four-bedroom luxury townhomes, appointed with considerate design and the true elegance of clarity and simplicity, await a lifestyle that’s meant to be shared. The character, connectedness, and history at your doorstep sing an invitation to explore that never gets old.

With our precious Piedmont Park, Freedom Park, and Candler Park all walkable on the Eastside Trail there’s no shortage of sunshine and outdoor recreation, even for those who prefer this urban pulse.

Legacy to be Kept

The authenticity and variety of architecture that sets the scene for Poncey Highland and the Virginia Highland neighborhood range from Victorian to Craftsman to the very best sense of Modern. Residents and neighbors care so much that an unusually enlightened approach to preservation is being discussed and gaining momentum. It appears this will remain an area of unusual charm and interest, without stifling the dynamism that makes it so attractive today.

The energy and excellence that makes the neighborhood so attractive actually includes the legacy of historic structures, rather than contradicts it. The value that arises from this dynamic relationship is unique and substantial.

For more information on how to own at 550 North Highland, visit or contact us at 770.282.3824.