The Weeks of winter in Poncey-Highland

Mar 11, 2020

Start with Love

The events and attractions that brighten the weeks of winter in the townhomes of Poncey-Highland are many. Maybe the first attraction is that we can measure our winter in weeks here in Atlanta. By the time we get to March, we’ve pretty much got it knocked. Still, the advantages of this star-like neighborhood, with arms that reach across some of the coolest districts of the city, are just as bright in our winter as they are in the summer, when the cheek-to-cheek relationship between our townhomes and the Atlanta Beltline gives us all the best of outdoor living without roughing it in the least.

Always Near

A diversion to keep in mind when you consider the townhomes life of Atlanta, as offered uniquely by Poncey-Highland, is not an event, but rather an ongoing, always offer, just as appealing in the weeks of winter as any time of the year. Little Five Points is just a stone’s throw away, and it’s maybe the Haight-Ashbury of Atlanta, all grown up and home from detox. Bohemian chic is abundant here, and there’s always art to see, music to hear, natural foods to browse, and people-watching enough to content even the most voracious voyeur.

Another non-event that brightens any week of the year is our nearby Ponce City Market. Here is where the lessons of New York City’s SoHo were learned in advance, and the pitfalls avoided. Around here is where visiting stars, in Atlanta to make a movie, want the production company to find their townhomes. How cool is it? Well, last month, they poured an ice-skating rink on the Ponce City Market’s Rooftop Terrace and staged an event called Skate the Sky. Renting skates and welcoming everybody, sort of like the rink at Rockefeller Center except on top of the building rather than below it, the winter wonderland of the Rooftop Terrace was for a moment the place to be in Atlanta.

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