National Events Drawn to Atlanta

Mar 11, 2020

The Setting Fits the Occasion

Since it grew to become known as the biggest sporting event in the world, Atlanta’s story of hosting no less than three Super Bowls might be a good place to start, when we consider the influence of Atlanta in attracting national events. Just last year, the opening of our Mercedes-Benz Stadium was the occasion for the 53rd Super Bowl. Our city was already well-versed in organizing and focusing the frenzy that accompanies the big game, with the 1993 and 1999 Super Bowls already under our belt.

It was a fitting debut for Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a structure that seized the lead in design innovation, not only with its audience-friendly sightlines and access, the conscientious way it was added to the neighborhood, and its astonishing oculus – the camera-like way it opens its rooftop to embrace the sky on command. Less obvious are the unprecedented initiatives toward sustainability built into the stadium. All in all, the stadium is close to an emblem of what people can count on Atlanta to produce. Energy, innovation, leadership, know-how, and sheer willingness are the consistent personality traits that bring national events of all kinds to Atlanta every year. This power of attraction plays an ongoing role in the value of Atlanta’s townhomes.

Speaking of Sports

Though sporting events are just one sector that demonstrates the Atlanta magnetism, let’s mention a couple more before we move on, because together they represent a kind of trifecta of major events that any city would be fortunate to attract. That 2019 Super Bowl was preceded by the 2018 College Football Playoffs national championship game, and it will be followed by the Final Four of college basketball in April of this year. Major League Baseball and the NBA have both hosted their All-Star Games in Atlanta.

The reasons we qualify for events like these are every bit up-to-date, and yet the attraction is build deep into the history of Atlanta, too. These deep-rooted reasons give even more confidence in the value of Atlanta’s sought-after townhomes.

A Magnetic Crossroads

Atlanta owes the persistence of its prosperity largely to the fact that it’s a hub. Atlanta outgrew the rest of the South in so many ways because it is a crossroads. Along with that role came the qualities that crossroads nurture: communication, awareness, fun, and far horizons. The same heartbeat that made port cities some of the world’s economic and cultural capitals apply also to the great crossroads, and Atlanta is undoubtedly one of them.

Conferences and conventions are a real industry in Atlanta. They take place here because it’s cool to convene where work and play are so effectively aligned. Some corporations, industries, and professional associations wouldn’t have their annual gatherings anywhere else. For others, Atlanta is on the short list, in the running every year because of our facilities, attitude, and attributes. They’re the same ways and views that make the Atlanta townhouse one of today’s preferred ways of living.

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