How Poncey Highland Works Out

Mar 13, 2020

How Poncey-Highland Works Out

Without a doubt, the most beautiful place where Poncey-Highland works out is on our beloved Atlanta Beltline. The “emerald necklace” of the flourishing system of Atlanta parks, the Beltline is all a runner, walker, bicyclist, or circuit-trainer could dream to use. As fine as the facilities of our nearby health clubs and gyms might be, what could compare with the wisely and expertly wrought trail that connects the greatest of our parks, many of the most sought-after Atlanta neighborhoods and townhomes, like those of Virginia Highland, and the bourgeoning services, pleasures and conveniences, like Ponce City Market, that are thriving along the green connections as a result?

The Atlanta Beltline is an example of how we rank with many of the world’s great cities, because of perceptiveness and planning, and as a result of the importance Atlanta has placed on building outdoor enjoyment into the city. For at least 150 years, London, for example, has recognized the ability of green space to enhance the resilience of its people as well as its environment. Today, London points out that 47% of the acreage of this dense world capital is green.

Green for Go for Nature for Economic Development

For very nearly as long, Atlanta has benefitted from a continual series of influences and leaders that have enabled us to arrive at a today that so adroitly encompasses parks and outdoor public spaces that it not only enhances the desirability of Atlanta townhomes, but also does a great deal to attract the people who drive a 21st Century economy, people who place a priority on exercise and the outdoors as part of the quality of life on which they insist. Offering free fitness classes since 2013, the Atlanta Beltline misses no opportunities.

Giving walkers, runners, bicycle enthusiasts, and fresh-air-lovers a pleasant way to exercise, ambling or dashing from parks as grand as the Atlanta Botanical Garden, to less well-known or newly developing spaces like the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry, the Atlanta Beltline is a rare achievement for any city.

For Those Who Like a Gym

Many of us want a gym, sometimes two, depending on where we live and where we work. For those fortunate enough to live among the luxury townhomes of Poncey-Highland, the choices are excellent. 

The Forum Athletic Club, next to Mountain Outfitters in Ponce City Market receives high marks from its members. Invited guests occasionally include visiting movie folk who often specify this neighborhood for their lodging during film shoots. Beyond the family-friendly Forum’s atmosphere, an even more aggressive philosophy can be found at Iron Tribe Fitness, on Ponce de Leon in Virginia Highland.

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